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…The Summer fun never ends in the Wildwoods! From the free Friday night fireworks all summer long to the myriad of festivals and activities, there is something for everyone. Wildwood has been voted as having the best beaches in NJ and best of all they are free! World famous boardwalk with beachfront piers that host 3 water parks, 6 world-class roller coasters and are said to have more rides than Disneyland. Carnival games, shopping and delicious eats can be found up and down the 2 mile long boardwalk. Endless fun on and off the boardwalk with fishing, crabbing, miniature golf, special events at the convention center, beachside entertainment and concerts.

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North Wildwood, NJ Closed Home Sales

AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
110 W 3rd Avenue Unit: Front41$200,0001171/9/2015
201 W 21st Street$215,000961/9/2015
328 E 18th Avenue32$362,0001541/9/2015
425 E 20th Avenue32$405,000981/9/2015
1800 Ocean Avenue11$138,0001631/16/2015
400 E 10th Avenue43.1$460,0003351/20/2015
406 E 18th Avenue Unit 222$114,000901/23/2015
312 E 1st Avenue62.2$11,850,000221/23/2015
1900 Surf Avenue22$160,0001651/24/2015
265 Seabreeze Ct.32$266,0002981/29/2015
515 E 11th Avenue32$325,000911/30/2015
1000 Kennedy Dr11$141,0002461/31/2015
500 Kennedy Dr22$225,0003382/2/2015
417 E 3rd Ave22$265,000992/3/2015
1800 Ocean Ave11$147,0001132/13/2015
230 W Walnut Ave$167,9001362/13/2015
110 E Walnut Ave43$430,0001772/13/2015
1800 Ocean Ave11$135,0001022/17/2015
1800 Ocean Ave11$142,5004172/17/2015
401 E 23rd Ave32$350,0001272/20/2015
110 E Walnut Ave32$360,0001872/23/2015
1303 New York Ave$250,0003272/24/2015
300 E 18th Ave53.1$565,0001322/26/2015
513-15 E 17th Ave11$110,000562/27/2015
2409 Central Ave21$175,5002092/27/2015
208 E 14th Ave$317,5001072/27/2015
426 E 24th Ave Unit H32$320,0001242/27/2015
335 E 1632$405,000712/27/2015
440 E 21st Ave32$421,000512/27/2015
2208 New Jersey Ave51.1$230,000542/28/2015


Wildwood, NJ Closed Home Sales

AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
121 E Maple Avenue$225,0001971/7/2015
143 E Spencer Avenue$195,000361/14/2015
4117 Hudson Avenue43.1$260,0001811/16/2015
241 E Cresse 1st floor31.1$195,9713681/23/2015
410 W Bennett Avenue32$176,000691/30/2015
220 E Roberts Ave32$175,000612/10/2015
225 E Wildwood Ave11$60,0001642/11/2015
110 E Taylor Ave21$145,0004782/13/2015
233 E Roberts Ave32$219,0001652/13/2015
209 W Juniper Ave$280,0002632/15/2015
225 E Montgomery Ave42$256,0001242/17/2015
115 W Hildreth Ave32$252,000382/20/2015
311 E Bennett Ave32$299,000952/20/2015
5201 Ocean Ave11$187,000272/26/2015
439 W Spicer Ave32$275,0003792/26/2015
310-12 Hand Ave11$87,000842/27/2015
108-112 W Rio Grande Ave$150,0004112/27/2015
409 W Hildreth Ave22$156,0001652/27/2015
317 W Wildwood Ave31$170,0001402/27/2015


Wildwood Crest, NJ Closed Home Sales

AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
8502 Pacific Avenue32$227,5001331/9/2015
410 E Orchid Rd32$310,000981/9/2015
7604 Pacific Avenue$320,000951/9/2015
7100 Ocean Avenue, #70122$385,0001911/16/2015
104 W Preston Avenue43$455,0001181/29/2015
8200 Atlantic Avenue11$87,5003321/30/2015
8001 Pacific Avenue31.1$199,0002731/30/2015
5503 Park Boulevard42.1$345,0001671/30/2015
116B E St Paul Ave32$250,0002532/2/2015
139 E Wisteria Rd43.1$410,0002272/2/2015
210 E Syracuse Ave32$234,0001282/6/2015
210 W Buttercup Rd$275,0001402/6/2015
450 E Nashville Ave32$439,0004852/6/2015
206 E Rambler Rd32.1$320,0002212/13/2015
7701 Atlantic Ave, Unit 30832.1$537,500832/13/2015
411 E Toledo Ave11$105,0001842/14/2015
115 W Forget-Me-Not52$320,000462/20/2015
107 W Cardinal Rd32$162,4001982/25/2015
117 W Wisteria Rd$232,500712/25/2015
206 E Farragut Rd52$210,0002972/26/2015
128 W Cardinal Rd31$262,500942/27/2015
201 E Washington32$349,900812/27/2015


West Wildwood, NJ Closed Home Sales

AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
208 O Avenue32$235,000691/9/2015
4 G Ave.43.1$335,0001111/23/2015

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