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…your perfect get-a-way awaits! You will love the gorgeous beaches, the 1.7 mile boardwalk that connects to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, fishing, boating, surfing, shops and delicious local eateries. Spend a relaxing day on the beach or a fun filled night out with Atlantic City at your doorstep. In Atlantic City you will experience all the excitement of the Casinos and Atlantic City’s world famous boardwalk and upscale shopping and dining. Ventnor, NJ is a great spot near all the excitement but tucked away enough to enjoy a peaceful evening.

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Ventnor, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
6101 Monmouth Ave11$94,0001321/5/2015
103 S Lafayette75$885,000461/6/2015
107 N Bryant Ave31.1$199,000151/8/2015
5200 Boardwalk22$237,5003991/16/2015
6811 Ventnor31$255,0001311/16/2015
100 S Baton Rouge Ave56.1$800,0001451/16/2015
107 S Baltimore42.1$925,0002711/16/2015
16 S Jackson Ave43.1$320,0002191/20/2015
6929 Monmouth Avenue$181,500301/21/2015
5500 Wellington Ave31.1$116,500131/23/2015
5007 Ventnor Ave21.1$90,000651/28/2015
5000 Boardwalk12$425,0002751/28/2015
4805 Ventnor Avenue, Unit 1411$20,0001421/30/2015
10 N Baltimore Avnenue$412,500641/30/2015
10 N Baltimore Avenue31$412,500641/30/2015
610 N Harvard Avenue53.1$725,000721/30/2015
8 N Hillside Ave$95,000372/2/2015
112 N Cambridge Ave31$75,0003462/6/2015
5206 Boardwalk - Unit 244.1$1,290,0007132/6/2015
703 N Oxford Ave21$39,0003462/10/2015
102 S Cambridge Ave32.2$515,0001012/11/2015
236 N Derby11.1$53,000542/18/2015
5206 Boardwalk - Unit 444.1$1,290,00002/18/2015
6100 Boardwalk01$91,000412/20/2015
7000 Monmouth Ave32.1$331,000632/20/2015
5300 Boardwalk21.1$250,000142/27/2015
22 S Buffalo Ave52.1$440,0004422/27/2015
6 N Newport21$48,0001923/2/2015
403 N Dudley21.1$115,0004103/2/2015
101 N Melbourne Avenue32.1$369,00083/6/2015
5000 Boardwalk22$500,0001813/6/2015
108 S Troy53.1$1,325,0001883/11/2015
120 N Princeton Ave42$109,000153/12/2015
21 S Hillside Avenue$154,000463/12/2015
2 N Cornwall Ave63.1$604,900333/13/2015
310 N Harvard55.1$700,0001473/19/2015
700 N Surrey Ave32.1$230,00003/20/2015
2 N Oxford Ave42.1$680,000333/20/2015
109 S Suffolk84.4$687,5003013/20/2015
102 S Dorset Ave56.1$925,000833/20/2015
109 N Baltimore31.1$230,0001843/23/2015
5401 Ventnor Ave64.1$475,00073/23/2015
516 N Oxford Avenue31$69,90023/25/2015
711 N Surrey Ave42.1$196,5001713/27/2015
109 N Washington32$307,500113/27/2015
5200 Boardwalk12$225,000383/30/2015
217 N Dorset Ave$230,0002003/31/2015
804 N Cambridge Ave42.1$340,0003483/30/2015

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