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Absolutely exquisite real estate up and down the island makes owning a Stone Harbor home highly desirable. Historically low interest rates can make your dream of owning a home in Stone Harbor more affordable than ever. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that will bring you lifetime of memories at one of NJ’s most exclusive communities. Now is the time to purchase your new shore home in Stone Harbor, NJ.

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Stone Harbor, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
10636 Golden Gate Road33$1,200,0006071/5/2015
412 99th Street54.2$1,802,5001031/7/2015
304 83rd Street32$725,0003371/9/2015
9816 Second Avenue Unit 1111$198,0002331/23/2015
8811 Third Avenue, Unit 231$395,0004411/24/2015
100 96th St22$850,0007482/6/2015
214 122nd St42.1$1,500,0002252/13/2015
266 83rd St42$693,0001432/27/2015
11609 Paradise Drive53.1$1,750,000493/6/2015
11208 Second Avenue54.1$2,750,0003343/11/2015
8532 First Avenue55.1$3,000,0003253/13/2015
108 116th Street43$2,000,0006193/27/2015
9310 First Avenue55.1$3,725,0003013/28/2015
9511 Sunset Drive - Unit 30411$230,0001404/3/2015
8222 Third Avenue43$855,0001294/10/2015
300 99th Street - Unit 752.2$795,0006504/14/2015
9600 First Avenue - Unit 332$935,00014/15/2015
12 101st Street43$2,275,0004054/16/2015
218 120th Street52$1,300,000774/20/2015
5 105th St53$2,450,0001814/21/2015
216 87th Street62.2$899,0003164/24/2015
141 99th Street42.1$1,700,0003254/24/2015
220 91st Street43.1$1,836,000354/28/2015
172 85th Street31$430,0006804/30/2015
19 83rd St43$1,850,000804/30/2015
10406 First Avenue43.1$1,975,000674/30/2015
8320 Second Avenue43.1$845,000935/1/2015
15 99th Street32$760,0001515/5/2015
258 83rd Street42$627,0005385/8/2015
310 84th Street31.1$705,0002205/8/2015
315 111th Street31.2$2,015,0004235/8/2015
362 99th Street53.1$1,990,0002865/14/2015
244 88th Street54.1$1,540,0001635/15/2015
19 107th Street52.1$3,025,0001395/15/2015
X-12 Linden Lane11$335,000925/21/2015
9501 Sunset Drive22$417,0003185/29/2015
397 94th Street32$765,000615/29/2015
210 109th Street42$890,0002095/29/2015

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