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…”The #1 family beach community in the country” ~The Travel Channel. Family fun for everyone with 8 miles of well maintained and sparkling beaches in both the bay and ocean. The Ocean City Boardwalk is 2.5 miles long – perfect for a jog or morning surrey ride – and hosts eight full blocks of family amusements with Gillian’s Island Golf & Water Park plus the Wonderland Pier with children’s rides as well as heart pounding thrill rides. Tasty treats line the boardwalk along with shore themed shops. There is also the Music Pier where concerts are held throughout the year. Whatever you are in the mood for, you will surely find it in Ocean City, NJ.

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Ocean City, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBADOMSold PriceClosed Date
609 7th Street114$330,0001/2/2015
209 31st Street3297$460,0001/2/2015
223 Victoria Lane147$270,0001/5/2015
425 Simpson Ave2125$224,9001/7/2015
1854 Asbury Ave3238$465,0001/7/2015
2120 Haven Ave3272$510,0001/7/2015
154 & 158 Roosevelt Blvd32203$400,0001/9/2015
5405 Asbury 1st floor Ave32162$401,0001/9/2015
1259 Asbury Ave3221$425,0001/9/2015
1423 Haven Avenue3231$434,0001/9/2015
708 North Street31188$285,0001/13/2015
4637 West Avenue3247$313,2501/13/2015
3231 Central Ave4255$700,0001/13/2015
401 31st St.11.1182$242,0001/15/2015
2 35th Street21211$181,0001/16/2015
2137-63 Asbury11202$186,0001/16/2015
838 St James Pl, 3rd Floor4149$187,5001/16/2015
626 Central Ave22764$245,0001/16/2015
701 Asbury Ave21138$290,0001/16/2015
216 43rd Street32108$297,5001/16/2015
838 St James Pl, 2nd Floor3149$300,0001/16/2015
838 St. James Pl, 1st Floor3149$300,0001/16/2015
4223 West 2nd Floor32219$357,5001/16/2015
4630 Asbury Ave42.10$526,2501/16/2015
100 E Sixth Street430$570,0001/16/2015
828 Pennlyn Pl43141$623,5001/16/2015
838 St. James Pl49$787,5001/16/2015
2008 Glenwood Dr4375$1,175,0001/16/2015
4837 Central Ave443$1,825,0001/16/2015
603 Chelsea Pl31.147$571,5001/17/2015
3008 Haven Ave32189$400,0001/19/2015
1421-23 Bay Ave5280$377,5001/20/2015
2735 West Ave3266$370,0001/21/2015
3103 Bay Ave43169$500,0001/21/2015
3137 Central Ave32733$285,0751/22/2015
5624 Asbury Ave31.140$740,0001/22/2015
921 Park Pl11138$280,0001/23/2015
1848 Asbury Ave3248$385,0001/23/2015
3439 Haven Avenue3243$399,9001/23/2015
10 Beach Road32346$655,0001/23/2015
3325 Simpson Ave33.152$392,5001/25/2015
2828 Asbury Ave4261$625,0001/26/2015
163 Pinnacle Rd52.176$618,0001/27/2015
935 Ocean Ave22230$345,0001/29/2015
1116 Simpson Ave42.14$455,0001/29/2015
3518 Bay Ave3183$300,0001/30/2015
111 7th Street32301$395,0001/30/2015
2048 Asbury Ave32300$450,0001/30/2015
630 Ocean Ave89$537,5001/30/2015
26 Atlantic Ave42.1112$540,0001/30/2015
19 Mariana Ln5319$1,135,0001/30/2015
1926 Glenwood5487$1,800,0001/30/2015
3 Leyte Ln64.1113$1,885,0001/30/2015

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