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…always in season! Looking for a charming little island community in Atlantic County? Look no further, Margate NJ is a shore lover’s delight. This tiny town is only 1.5 miles long and 1 mile wile at its widest point. With a bay to one side, a beach to the other and Atlantic City only 5.3 miles away, this is the perfect get-a-way town. Plenty of upscale dining, shopping and entertainment surround you. Spend the day on the beach, on the boat or in the ocean. A fun filled day and evening awaits you in Margate. Margate is also home to Lucy the Elephant. Towering at 65 feet tall, the 127 year old, red saddled pachyderm is hard to miss. Lucy is “America’s Oldest Roadside Attraction and a National Historic Monument. She is also the largest wooden elephant statue in the world.

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Margate, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
217 N Clarendon Ave31$260,000841/6/2015
108 S Vendome Ave43$1,500,000361/7/2015
3 S Coolidge Ave43.1$1,100,000271/9/2015
212 Belmont Drive31.1$215,000201/15/2015
9400 Atlantic Ave Unit 31522$380,00001/15/2015
9305 B Winchester Ave32.1$600,0001141/15/2015
305 N Clermont Ave52.1$325,00011/20/2015
9 N Douglas Ave32.1$375,00001/21/2015
102 N Hanover52.1$383,000511/22/2015
114 N Jasper Ave31.1$172,000711/27/2015
312 N Essex Ave42.1$405,0001541/29/2015
201 N Mansfield Ave32$290,00021/30/2015
208 N Huntington Ave31$311,0001141/30/2015
415 N Essex Ave42.1$440,0003261/30/2015
114 N Fredericksburg54$670,000902/2/2015
15 Circle Dr43$750,000322/2/2015
9600 Atlantic Ave - Unit 111111.1$275,0001632/6/2015
9400 Atlantic Ave - Unit 60411$112,8752432/9/2015
41 N Essex Ave31.1$327,0002672/12/2015
105 S Thurlow Ave54.1$1,450,000272/13/2015
109 N Granville Ave$300,000632/17/2015
20 S Madison Unit B53$730,000772/18/2015
215 N Clarendon Ave Ave32$305,0002312/25/2015
121 N Clarendon Ave42.1$500,00002/26/2015
9400 Atlantic Ave11$220,0001082/27/2015
210 N Vendome Ave31.1$320,00052/27/2015
9201 Atlantic Ave01$84,0004993/2/2015
102 S Vendome Ave54.1$2,175,0003453/4/2015
101 N Gladstone Ave$330,0002563/6/2015
16 S Jefferson Ave43$745,0001263/6/2015
100 S Vendome41.1$999,000253/11/2015
215 N Hanover Avenue53.1$716,840393/13/2015
119 N Kenyon Ave54$830,0001553/13/2015
11 S Clermont Ave54$999,000683/13/2015
16 S Jefferson Ave54$851,000673/16/2015
106 S Clarendon Ave44.1$1,650,0001663/16/2015
223 N Belmont Drive32$335,00013/17/2015
13 S Jerome Ave43$575,0001333/17/2015
302 N Nassau Ave42.1$770,000603/17/2015
9613 Atlantic Ave42.1$555,000753/18/2015
217 N Belmont Dr32$235,0001153/20/2015
314 N Huntington42.1$617,500903/25/2015
406 N Jerome Ave32$280,000693/26/2015
314 N Gladstone Avenue32$425,0001253/27/2015
9506 Ventnor Avenue21.1$210,0001913/30/2015
110 N Barclay Ave21$295,00053/30/2015
28-30 N Coolidge$455,0001313/30/2015
9 N Osborne Ave53$625,0002003/30/2015
9220 Atlantic Ave32$855,0003363/30/2015
33 Bayside Court43.1$480,000963/31/2015
9505 Monmouth32.1$520,0001263/31/2015
8511 Fulton Ave42$775,000204/1/2015
9315 Atlantic Ave11$100,000264/2/2015
9510 Amherst Ave11$160,000544/3/2015
10 S Monroe Ave32.1$675,000704/3/2015
7723 Ventnor Ave54$610,0001934/6/2015
9400 Atlantic Ave- 61411$155,000564/8/2015
8215 Marshall Ave54.2$999,5002454/8/2015
9600 Atlantic Ave Unit 100811.1$275,000164/10/2015
9600 Atlantic Avenue 141022$360,000334/10/2015
125 N Washington Ave22$365,0002124/15/2015
14 Essex Ct42.1$377,500144/16/2015
7701 Atlantic Ave11$325,0002134/17/2015
118 N Sumner Ave31.1$412,0001584/17/2015
417 N Rumson32$550,000184/17/2015
9704 Ventnor Avenue, Apt D21$142,5001474/20/2015
106 N Delavan Avenue42$348,0003134/24/2015
9510 Monmouth Ave Unit A32$275,000214/30/2015
102 S Argyle Ave64$1,905,0002244/30/2015

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