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…The Pearl of Absecon Island. Cozy Longport is located on the 8.1 mile long Absecon Island along with Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City. It only encompasses approximately half a square mile of land area and is bordered by the bay and ocean. While Longport is small on size it is big on gorgeous views and entertainment. Surfing, fishing, sunbathing, boating- you name it, Longport is the place to do it. With quick and easy access to Atlantic City, there are endless possibilities for fun.

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Longport, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
26 N Pelham Ave33$550,000231/6/2015
26 N 29th Ave21$525,0001841/9/2015
3300 Ventnor Avenue32.1$575,0008021/9/2015
111 S 16th Avenue22$600,000871/9/2015
18 N 28th Ave$380,0001051/10/2015
2500 Atlantic Ave43$999,999352/2/2015
3509 Amherst23.1$735,0002092/24/2015
219 N 34 the Ave32$410,0001353/12/2015
32 N Colgate Ave31.1$480,000333/20/2015
3006 Pacific Avenue32.1$762,5001253/30/2015
22 N 32nd Ave65$1,300,0001424/8/2015
220 N 35th Avenue32$380,0001334/20/2015
204 N 34th Ave32$500,0002804/24/2015
109 S 17th Avenue53.2$2,425,0001184/24/2015
111 S 25th Avenue43$2,500,00014/24/2015
2700 Atlantic Ave22$490,000374/29/2015
111 S 16th Avenue11$375,000725/1/2015
1503 Atlantic Ave32.1$530,0003475/8/2015
208 N 33rd42.1$480,000405/13/2015
27 N Manor54$989,000915/14/2015
111 S 16th Ave32$1,150,0001475/15/2015
102 S 27th Avenue Ave65$1,500,0003335/22/2015
111 S 16th Ave22$590,000185/27/2015
13 N 34th Ave Ave42$600,000256/5/2015
32 N 29th Ave31$500,0001386/30/2015
1 N 31st Ave$450,000647/10/2015
3201 Pacific Ave41.1$1,200,000527/15/2015
2 S Manor Ave55.1$1,699,0004567/15/2015
16 S Woodcrest Ave44$960,000177/28/2015

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