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…an island you’ll love for life! With its pristine beaches, cultural events, recreational activities featuring golfing, fishing, boating, surfing, shops and delicious local eateries and restaurants. Enjoy a relaxing day on the beach or a fun filled night out with Atlantic City at your doorstep. In Atlantic City you will experience all the excitement of the Casinos and Atlantic City’s world famous boardwalk. Brigantine Beach is one of South Jersey’s best kept secrets! Start your search for your Brigantine Shore Home here! In

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Brigantine, NJ Closed Home Sales


AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
11 E Ocean Drive32$300,000311/9/2015
1904 Bayshore Ave32.1$370,00091/9/2015
212 S 23rd Street42.1$610,000181/9/2015
47 Kirkwood Circle32$164,9001211/13/2015
335 S 43rd Street11$42,5001481/14/2015
4500 W Brigantine22$202,500201/14/2015
818 Beach Ave W44$520,000311/14/2015
4500 W Brigantine32$205,0001441/16/2015
32 Shipmaster Dr32$265,000781/30/2015
4510 Harbor Beach Blvd32$315,000361/30/2015
214 24th Street43$475,0001341/30/2015
2701 Bayshore Rd31$515,000382/4/2015
4401 Ocean Ave32$422,5002042/6/2015
2 MacDonald Pl32$110,0002192/9/2015
70 Delmar32.1$200,000512/10/2015
4241 Atlantic Brigantine Ave43.1$510,0001112/10/2015
56 W Ocean Dr33$630,0003842/11/2015
900 Fownes Ave$125,00042/12/2015
284B S 39th St32$300,000632/13/2015
3007 Bayshore Ave11.1$235,00002/20/2015
4800 Harbor Beach Blvd22$350,0001042/20/2015
348 S 32nd St32$310,00052/23/2015
15 S 19th32$495,0001342/23/2015
230 S 33$158,500352/27/2015
202 Marsden Pl43$289,9001572/27/2015
805 E Beach Ave32.1$360,0002002/27/2015
305 21st St$380,0001092/27/2015
728 W West Shore$455,000142/27/2015
332 S 14th Street44.1$880,0001923/2/2015
244 S 12th St21$250,0001033/3/2015
422 Lafayette32$347,0003053/6/2015
219 S 40th Street43.1$430,0001003/6/2015
808 Sterling Place52$215,0001503/9/2015
702 Sterling Place$105,0002203/11/2015
1306 Ocean43$602,500793/15/2015
402 E Evans Blvd32$358,000163/20/2015
200 13th Street North43.1$557,500513/20/2015
1200 Ocean Ave53.1$2,450,0002833/22/2015
725 Sheridan Blvd42.1$320,0001683/23/2015
348 8th St S53.1$1,575,0002133/24/2015
102 Quay Blvd$230,0001663/26/2015
100 N 13th Street22$210,000873/27/2015
534 Caverly Dr32$260,0003153/27/2015
307 Dolphin Dr53.1$850,0001303/27/2015
10 Golf Course Dr53.1$1,135,00023/27/2015
419 31st St S52.1$1,150,0003473/27/2015
226 35th St S21$130,00023/30/2015
420 Sea Horse Road22.1$216,000223/31/2015
341 S 33 Street42$400,00023/31/2015
4156 Atl Brigantine Blvd54.1$965,00093/31/2015

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