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…Cooler by a Mile! The town’s slogan “Cooler by a Mile” refers to the towns position one mile further into the Atlantic Ocean than other barrier islands in the state. Avalon is a true get-a-way spot for those who enjoy the feel of privacy but still surrounded by one of kind stores and restaurants, pristine beaches and a family friendly atmosphere. Rent a bicycle and pedal the wide streets, rent a kayak, go fishing or enjoy sporting activities on the public tennis courts, basketball courts. There is even a skate park and large playgrounds for children of all ages.

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 Avalon, NJ Closed Homes Sales

AddressBRBASold PriceDOMClosed Date
93 E 17th Street54.2$7,000,0005001/5/2015
3044 First Avenue65.1$1,750,0001211/7/2015
7080 Dune Drive43.1$1,730,0001341/9/2015
214 61st Street$1,250,0003821/12/2015
21 N Pelican Dr42.2$2,050,0001081/12/2015
700 FIRST AVE UNIT 31601$230,0003231/15/2015
393 22nd Street53.1$909,500661/15/2015
151 30th Street$930,0002481/15/2015
2601 Ocean Drive43$750,0003011/16/2015
1252 Dune Drive44$1,387,5001351/16/2015
633 21st St.43$725,0003211/23/2015
563 24th Street54$1,675,0002451/23/2015
198 11th Street55$1,435,0001161/28/2015
226 43rd Street32.1$900,000721/29/2015
249 13th Street42$937,5001541/29/2015
66 E 20th Street32$1,260,0001251/29/2015
7900 Dune Drive01$195,0001731/30/2015
277 26th St$875,000582/5/2015
275 26th St$875,000582/5/2015
312 60th St43$1,397,5003452/5/2015
2015 Harbor Ave - Unit B54$776,0001362/6/2015
171 25th St42.1$835,0003232/6/2015
72 W 16th St32.1$1,299,0001142/6/2015
313 42nd St54.1$1,450,0001992/6/2015
35 Pelican Dr53$2,200,0002302/12/2015
95 E 13th St55.1$3,600,0001902/12/2015
670 First Ave66.3$3,600,0004482/12/2015
376 40th St, East42$613,5002562/18/2015
33 W 26th St55$1,940,0001882/18/2015
159 33rd St21$900,0001022/25/2015
7900 Dune Dr01$177,5002262/27/2015
74 W 13th St21$450,000792/27/2015
281 47th42$995,0002212/27/2015
25 W 11th St55$1,400,0005892/27/2015
138 31st St65.1$1,760,0002972/27/2015
138 76th St32$2,550,000172/27/2015
3068 Avalon Ave82$1,100,0002063/3/2015
140 39th Street65.2$2,570,0003943/4/2015
375 22nd Street31$495,0001183/6/2015
478 20th Street32$535,0001703/6/2015
3434 Dune Drive33$799,0001013/6/2015
130 26th Street55.1$1,850,0002413/6/2015
254 29th Street53.1$985,000323/10/2015
2311 Dune Drive32$732,5002363/13/2015
182 60th Street55.2$3,060,000743/17/2015
241 25th Street32$555,0005543/20/2015
2934 Ocean Drive52.1$800,0003263/20/2015
6188 Dune Drive43$1,562,5001603/20/2015
551 24th Street54$1,650,0001913/20/2015
165 70th54$3,000,0001703/20/2015
700 First Ave22$460,0001233/25/2015
189 9th Street32$1,100,0003413/26/2015
3809 Dune Drive54$1,332,5006053/27/2015
197 77th Street42$1,503,5003533/27/2015
704 22nd Street53$1,390,0001353/28/2015
63 W 26th Street55.2$2,410,000533/30/2015
812 21st Street53.2$2,565,0003343/30/2015
700 Ocean Drive32.1$905,000593/31/2015
4298 Fourth Avenue63.1$1,600,0005243/31/2015

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